Chloe Brand

Three things inspired the development of MARS, our men’s hygiene line.


  1. My dear friend and creative genius Spencer Charles, who came up with the oh-so-obviously appropriate name after hours of me banging my head on the keyboard for ideas. 


  1. Reports from customers that male partners kept stealing their VENUS products.


  1. A hot and heavy romance with somebody sexy ... and uncircumcised.


I’m not going to get into the gritty details of #3, but I will say that the next week (as I glared at my beloved over a probiotic cocktail) I realized there was no point in waxing, steaming, yoni egging, pampering, toning, and decorating my special place just to get assaulted by prison soap scum.  He was handsome, healthy, and hygienic, but alas, our toiletries were not equally yoked.  Something had to be done.      


Read below for our solution, now available to you at in the MARS section for men:


  • HIMWASH - Our chemist went back into the lab to create HIMWASH, a plant-based and pH-balanced masculine cleanser that compliments the FEMWASH. 


  • HIMMIST  -  This fresh-smelling blend of essential oils, aloe, and witch hazel kills the funk-causing bacteria around the scrotum.


  • ASH -  It’s time to drop the baby powder sir.  You’re a grown man and you need to absorb that grown man moisture with chemical-free clays and grown man scents.


  • HIMDROPS  -  The extracts in this oil promote testicular health and nourish intimate skin.


  • PITSCRUB  -  Detox and deodorize the armpits with the scouring powder of Black Hawaiian sea salt and natural neutralizers.






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